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Alice's Bear Chunky by Charlie Bears

SKU: Weight: 2.0

Alice's Bear Chunky by Charlie Bears

SKU: Weight: 2.0

Product Details

Alice’s Bear Shop characters...

These lovable storybook characters, come to life in beautifully illustrated books, and are also available in soft, huggable plush.

Meet Chunky!

Be sure to get the book Chunky and the Bone along with this lovable plush bear.

A New Chapter Begins

October 2018

Rikey Austin, Author, Designer & Illustrator, first brought us thestories and characters of Alice’s Bear Shop over 20 years ago, atthat time they were hugely popular both as cuddly companions and story books to read.

After production concluded, Rikey carried on working and illustrating but always had the dream of bringing back Alice and her friends exactly as she wanted them to be.

After a chance meeting between Rikey Austin and Charlotte Morris of Charlie Bears a small idea became a big story. These two creative and imaginative women discussed the possibility of theAlice’s Bear Shop coming back.

Both agreed that the charming, delightful characters and illustrations are important factors, as well as the quality of the product, the integrity of the designs and the ethics of the manufacturing.

With those shared principles, the idea of Charlie Bears and Rikey Austin joining forces was born. They say that sometimes the best things are happenstance or serendipity and the re-launch of theamazing Alice’s Bear Shop is a perfect example.

Alice’s Bear Shop collection is a collaboration between British writer & illustrator Rickey Austin & Charlie Bears (known for quality handmade teddy bears & friends). It is comprised of story books, coordinating handmade plush characters, art prints, collectible pin badges & adorable bear clothes; based on beautifully illustrated books about Alice’s Bear Shop & hospital for poorly bears, as well as the adventures of Little Lost Bear.